How to Deliver Brand Content

You can deliver brand content as text, an infographic, video and audio. To maximize your ROI, you’ll use more than one format for the same piece of content.

How and where you deliver your brand content is just as important as the actual content you deliver. Different consumers receive and accept content messages differently based on their ages. If you craft a great message for baby boomers but deliver it via a Vine or Reddit post, your message will probably go unread, unseen and unheard.

Here are some common ways marketers are delivering their content today:

  • Display ads (advertorials)
  • Magazine, newspaper or website editorial pages (native ads)
  • Self-published newsletters (e.g., customer print and e-newsletters)
  • Self-published magazines (e.g Life Time Fitness’ “Experience Life”)
  • Branded content hubs (e.g. American Express Open Forum)
  • Facebook posts
  • Twitter tweets
  • YouTube videos/channels
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Email
  • Vines
  • Instagrams
  • Flickr posts
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Tumblr posts
  • Reddit posts
  • RSS feed
  • Content syndication

Using these platforms for pushing out your content, you can communicate with text, video, audio, infographics, slideshows, webinars and interactive quizzes and surveys.

Getting the Most Mileage Out of Your Brand Content

Marketers can re-use or re-purpose one piece of brand content multiple times using these various delivery platforms. For example, when a bank posts an article about shopping for a mortgage on its blog, the bank can send a provocative tweet to its followers regarding the post, start a discussion on its LinkedIn page about the content, send highlights to customers on its email list, alert its Facebook visitors to a key fact from the article or push parts of the content out using other brand content delivery platforms.