Hospital/Healthcare Content

I’ve create many pieces of content for medical providers, mostly native advertising (articles that appeared in newspapers), along with hospital website landing pages, a medical center’s consumer health information library and a cardiologist’s blog. My clients have included

  • Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, CA
  • Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, Boise, ID
  • St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Oxnard, CA
  • NorthShore Medical Centers, Northwest, Indiana
  • Franciscan Health Centers
  • Preventive Cardiology, Boca Raton, FL
  • First Coast Cardiovascular Institute, Jacksonville, FL
  • Georgia Urology
  • NextCare Urgent Care Centers
  • Kroger Pharmacies
  • North Mountain Cardio
  • DNA Diagnostics

Native Ads

Note: Many of these native ads are no longer online, so I have put the content on this site. You will also need to disable any ad blocker on your browser to view some of these. AdBlock Plus views sponsored content as ad and blocks them.

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center native ads and patient blog posts

  •  9 Tips for Avoiding Winter Sports Injuries

  • Robots Enter the Surgical Room for Delicate Operations
  • Enjoying Summer, Safely
  • Flu Vaccines
  •  4 Steps to Sun Safety
  • Get your Kids Sleep Cycle Ready for Back to School
  • 7 Tips for Making a Back-to-School Transition
  • How Does your Diet Compare to an Olympian’s?
  • Prevent and Treat Summer Sports Injuries with These Tips and Techniques

  • Strut Your Stuff – Tips for Healthy Feet and Ankles

  • Summer Fun Means More Summer Dangers
  • Summertime Safety Tips
  • Tips to Prevent & Treat Summer Sports Injuries

  • Welcome to your first baby: Be prepared!
  • New Knee/Hip Surgeries Improve Lives Sooner, Longer (Makoplasty)
  • Children’s Springtime Allergies Can be Avoided
  • Quitting Tobacco Just Got Easier in Idaho
  • Heart Surgery Going Hi-Tech with MICS
  • I Have Diabetes: Now What?
  • 7 Common Weight-Loss Myths
  • More Women Turning to Midwives for Their Health Care

Sutter Health Sacramento Bee native ads*

*Some of this content has been moved to the Sutter Website

St. John’s Hospital native ads

  • Life After Breast Cancer Treatment (Ventura County Star)
  • Surprising Medical Procedure Might Save Thousands of Americans (C Diff)
  • Study Suggests CT Scans Successful for Detecting of One of the Most Deadly Diseases
  • Robotic Surgery Not That Far-Fetched (or Sci-Fi)
  • Adults Stem Cells May Slow Down #1 Killer (heat disease)

*Tribune Media Services calls this “brand content.”

**Originally appeared in Orlando Sun Sentinel, now resident on Preventive Cardiology blog.